Playing Pure Fighters

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Do you allow only fighters (not sub-classes) to have strength bonuses to-hit and damage?

Yes, but only for melee weapons
Yes, BtB - for melee and missile weapons
No, I give the melee weapon bonuses to the sub-classes, but only the pure fighter also gets the missile weapon bonus
No votes
No, I give all of these bonuses to the sub-classes too
Hell no, I play White Box and no one has a strength bonus!
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Re: Playing Pure Fighters

Post by merias »

Interesting. Yes, I would only allow this for fighters as well. You could roll a mechanic like this into the to-hit roll, by saying that if you roll 2 or more greater than the score required to hit, you get an extra attack. Although that is not precisely the same as "10% of the time", I guess you could adjust it to suit. Maybe 4 over is better. In any case, that is just one roll vs. two, and removes the percentage for us purists who think games should only use d6 and d20 :).

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Re: Playing Pure Fighters

Post by Firemane »

foxroe wrote:
merias wrote:
Firemane wrote:Lenard Lakofka has some interesting ideas in his L4C The Lendore Isle Companion one of which might be used for the Fighter if you don't mind an extra dice roll. He uses weapon proficiencies to give fighters a 10% chance per level to deal an extra blow in a combat round. So the idea would to just straight up add this as a fighter ability. As the fighter increases in level the odds increase he gets an extra chance to hit and of course you could tweak the percentage or the rate of increase to suit your game.
That's a nice twist on weapon proficiency, which is usually the standard hit bonus/extra attack by level. I notice he gives extra blows to Clerics and Thieves as well, at a smaller percentage. Also, welcome to the fourms!
It does sort of "spread the love" with extra attacks for Fighters, but it's really mathematically pretty much the same as the already existing (albeit fixed at higher levels) extra attacks for Fighters in AD&D, and it just adds another die roll to combat.

(5th level = 50% chance of extra attack) is the same as saying (Attacks three times per 2 rounds), and
(10th level = 100% chance of extra attack) is the same as saying (Attacks twice every round).

Maybe change that to "Attacks 3/2 at 4th level, and attacks 2/1 at 8th level" to keep it consistent with the "Hero" and "Superhero" thresholds of the original game instead of AD&D's 7th/13th level?

And I think that it should be a Fighter only thing. As soon as you start adding improved fighting capability to the other classes, the Fighter becomes less appealing as a character choice.
I can understand those thoughts. I suppose I just figured that with this method there is still a chance of failure, at least until 10th. In this cause this would be strictly fighter only,

What about something like an extra point of damage at 3,6,9,12, etc?

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Re: Playing Pure Fighters

Post by foxroe »

Firemane wrote:What about something like an extra point of damage at 3,6,9,12, etc?
That's reasonable I think, but maybe limit it to a "favored" weapon. There are rules for weapon specialization in Unearthed Arcana (1ed AD&D), and in OSRIC. ;)

Edit: OSRIC link - ... 97767.html
- Fox

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