Stat Bonuses

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Stat Bonuses

Post by Dareshiranu »

I realize that S&W only emulates 0e, but they specifically reference the expansions. What design decision limited stat bonuses to STR basically? I would have at least liked to see a side-bar discussing the option for 18% STR and spread out bonuses for the other stats, after all they spread out CHR for followers. I realize that I can do it myself in a house rule, but this was something from Greyhawk.

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Re: Stat Bonuses

Post by merias »

Welcome to the forums, Dareshiranu.

I can't say for sure, but I would guess it was just about simplicity. S&W has always been about a more streamlined, better organized OD&D. Rules like the exceptional strength (and others also in the supplements, like weapon vs. AC and psionics) were probably pruned in favor of this overall goal. This is where I wish we still had the old forums as an archive - this very question may have been discussed there at one time during Complete's development.

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