Crypts & Things w/ DCC & MCC Adventures?

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Crypts & Things w/ DCC & MCC Adventures?

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I am running a science fantasy Crypts & Things game soon for which I'd like to use some DCC and MCC adventures with minimal conversion. About what difference in effective level is there between a C&T character and a DCC character?

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Re: Crypts & Things w/ DCC & MCC Adventures?

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I have not played Crypts & Things but I have the PDF, and as I recall it is based on the original Swords & Wizardry Core rules. I have played DCC a few times however, and my take is the power levels will be slightly higher with DCC PCs. The critical hits/mighty deeds rules and the spell rules can be quite deadly to opponents even at low levels (that said, the flip side of that will be the fumble and spell mishap rules). DCC PCs and monsters will also have more hit points on average, as the old core rules used a d6 base for hit dice originally, with small modifications of +1 or +2 at each level. One of our forum members, greyarea, is well versed with DCC and might have more info for us.

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