Locales and Points of Interest

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Locales and Points of Interest

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The Party's Starting Point! The Village of Fair Bluff hex 10.10
Fair Bluff is a small, sleepy village of about 200 residents, about 50-75 live within the town limits, the rest live in homesteads within about a mile of the town proper. Fair Bluff is situated in a fertile area that has ample timber, good grazing lands for livestock, and generally flat, grassy terrain that is easy on wagons.

The Town of Wellbor hex 16.12
Wellbor is a town of about 300 residents, about 100 being permanent residents. The remainder tend to be merchants, caravan hirelings, mariners, and transient workers or adventurers from abroad. Wellbor's main claim to fame is being a shallow water port. The only real goods of Wellbor are fish, rice, ample variety of vegetables, and a small boatbuilding yard.

Fort Grimwald hex 13.8
Fort Grimwald (named for one of the Duke's warriors who was killed during the construction of the fort) is constructed from the sturdy and readily available lumber of the area. The Fort is mainly a garrison of the Duke's guard, and services are limited. The garrison controls entry to the fort and access to the amenities and facilities within, so miscreants and those of ill-repute won't be welcome or found here.

Griffon Gap hex 6.10
Griffon Gap is literally a gap between the hardwood and evergreen forests along the tradeway, named for occasional sightings of griffons to the south of town. Enough people have seen the creatures to lend credence to the name, but to date no one has seen one up close, and if real, they appear to keep to themselves. Griffon Gap is a caravan waystation and large producer of grain, flour and some of the tastiest livestock in the reaches. The fields around town are amazingly fertile, and it's a farmers paradise. Outside of town along the river are several small mills and the regional favorite Griffon Gap Brewery.

Ironwood hex 2.13
Ironwood (so named because of the tall Ironwood forest surrounding the place) is a small village known for it's wood products - including a wagon maker, bowyer/fletcher, and some locally handcrafted ironwood furniture. Ironwood staves, bows and spears are highly sought after throughout the Duchy and the reaches. Ironwood has some of the best hunters and woodsmen in the reaches, and when the Duke seeks woodsmen to guide his endeavors, he usually goes to Ironwood to find a suitable hire.

Northending hex 5.7
The town of Northending (technically the north end of the tradeway and the continuation of the tradeway toward Grand Arnberg) is mainly known as the last waypoint for goods and supplies heading to the capitol, or for troops and supplies on their way far north to the keep. It is a fairly nondescript and plain village that doesn't produce much in the way of goods aside from basic crops and small livestock. It is also home to the Wellspring just to the north of the village. The Wellspring is a mineral spring rumored to have therapeutic properties, and more importantly - supplies the water to the village. Northending is also home to the Duke's commissioned foundry, where weapons, metal goods and advanced smithing are conducted. These weapons and metal goods find use in the keep, and in the capitol.

Giants Pass Keep hex 2.1
Spanning the Giants Pass, this keep with it's towering walls and battlements is the bulwark between the wilds and civilized lands. The keep is an ancient but formidable structure built hundreds of years past, ruined, and rebuilt by the Duke to protect the Reaches. The keep itself is much like Fort Grimwald in that it's mainly a garrison for the Duke's troops, but there is a small village just south of the keep, it doesn't really have a name, but most call it "the village of Giant's Pass" for lack of a better name. It is a hardscrabble little village with a few homes, some subsistence farms, and some minor businesses that support the garrison at the keep above in the mountains.

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