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Re: Administrative stuff, House Rules, etc.

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Rules, Rules, Rules...

Character Creation:
Roll 3d6 7 times, keep the best 6, distribute them as you see fit.
Roll 3d6 and multiply by 10, that's your starting gold. Don't stress out too much, you'll start with a few things, so you might not need to spend much gold if any.
PCs start with max HP at level one, rolling normally thereafter. Re-roll 1s, because 1s suck. Don't forget to add your CON bonus.

Class-Specific Stuff:
Fighters: Weapon Mastry - Fighters can select either Weapon Mastery or Shield Mastery at Lv1. Weapon mastery - select one weapon and gain +1 to hit and damage with it. Shield Mastery - you gain 2 to your AC instead of one, plus you can choose to use your shield as a weapon for 1d3+str bonus (if using shield as a weapon, you lose the defensive bonus that round). If a fighter drops a foe of 1HD or less in one hit, he gets another attack. Total number of attacks not to exceed the fighter's level, etc etc. (you know how this works.)

Thieves: Thieves luck - thieves can re-roll any single die roll a set number of times (hit, dmg, save, ability check) 1/day at level 1-2, 2/day at level 3-4, 3/day at level 5+, capping at 3x per day. Exceptional Skill: add +10% permanently to one thief ability.

Magic Users: Magic users start with 6 first level spells (player selects) and can cast on the fly. They may also select 3 zero level spells (for listing of these spells, see ... ent-r4.pdf ). A magic user can cast a zero level spell once per day, plus one per level. (ex. a 3rd level magic user can cast 4 zero level spells per day.

Clerics: Clerics start with one first level spell. Starting at level two they'll have TWO first level spells, etc. Each deity also grants some form of powers or abilities to their priests. Clerics can cast on the fly, and occasionally spell effects or clerical abilities may be enhanced at the discretion of the deity or its avatars - assuming the priest is in good standing, etc.

Additional abilities/Profession On a case-by-case basis we can discuss other abilities. For instance - if you want a fighter who is like a Ranger - you could roll up a fighter, and choose a profession such as hunter or tracker, and obtain some abilities in line with the profession - such as tracking, trapping, etc.

General Stuff:
Death: At 0 hp, you're unconscious. Below zero, you are slipping towards death, with death at minus 10.
Critical Hits/Misses: A natural 20 will do max weapon damage and a roll on the critical hit table. A natural 1 is a roll on the critical miss table.

Background & Character Stuff:
One Sentence Background: A simple background will suffice. Even one sentence. I'll give each character some rumors and or special info that they are privy to. If you want some of this to play into your background, that's cool, just let me know....

How We'll Play
To keep things moving, I'll make all the rolls. Please tell me what your action is for the round, and you can give me a conditional action ("I'll attack the kobold, but if it's killed before I attack, then I'll advance to the door" or whatever).
I used to be a map guy. Lotsa maps. But I'm going to try and keep this mainly theater of the mind. If you need clarification on something, I can post a shot of a map, no big deal. But I'll try to avoid that if at all possible.
This sandbox is living and breathing, I'm working on it on the fly. I have a small region fleshed out, with some adventure possibilities seeded all around. If I don't have an answer, bear with me.
Lastly, If combat is winding down or the victory of the characters looks certain, I may just continue the actions from the previous round to resolve the combat and keep things moving.

If anything isn't covered here, ask. There's quite a few house rules, but I just want this to be fun and to flow smoothly. I'm open to suggestions and constructive criticism, so feel free to make a suggestion or comment.

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